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One of the most exciting parts of “back-to-school” for high school students is the homecoming dance. This event is a fun time to reconnect and hang out with friends after the long summer break. For some teens, the homecoming dance is a chance to show off their style and express themselves, and top online tailors want to help high schoolers transform their garments into their dream homecoming outfit.

There are many options of how to obtain a homecoming dress, the obvious being purchasing one from the mall or an online boutique. Other ideas include purchasing one from a thrift store or estate sale or altering an old dress or a bridesmaid dress. Regardless of where each homecoming dress comes from, in general most formal dress will require some core alterations.

As a general rule for tailoring services, it is always a better idea for a customer to buy a size larger than a size smaller if stuck between sizes. This is because it is easier to take fabric away than it is to add fabric in (it is possible though! Refer to stylish alteration #3!). The most common homecoming dress alterations have to do with the overall length of the dress or the straps. For floor length and short dresses alike, it is important that the hem hits at the correct point stylistically or simply to be kept from being stepped on. Adjusting straps, think shortening spaghetti straps, can add a surprising amount of extra support in the bust. 

Accurate tailoring often relies on consistency. In other words, wearing the undergarments and shoes that will be worn with the dress while self-pinning for an online tailor is extremely important. If an in-person fitting is scheduled, simply remember to bring these materials to wear during the fitting.

In addition to being mindful about accessories, mindfulness with regard to time could make or break a homecoming outfit. Give your online tailor as much time as possible to complete the specified alterations. Top online tailors try to have quicker turnaround times to offset the unpredictable USPS. Once a package reaches our shop at Tad More, we try to have it back in the mail in 5 days, however this excludes days needed for additional communication between online tailor and customer.

Even so, some local tailors can have turn-around times of up to 5 weeks anyway, especially since there is some overlay between bridal season and homecoming season. Whichever avenue chosen, the timeframe in which the dress is needed back should not be a detail overlooked!

Now that we’ve gone over some basic tips for online tailoring for homecoming dresses, check out these fashionable and transformative homecoming dress alteration ideas! 

First Stylish Homecoming Dress Alteration: Vary the Volume

When we talk about the volume of a dress, most often we are talking about the "skirt" of the dress. Adding an underskirt or singular layers under the top layer, made from materials like tulle and organza, work wonders to add volume. Requesting an overskirt is also a great way to plump up a sheath skirt- for even more glam, top off the new skirt with an embroidered or bedazzled waistband. 

Online tailoring services are often able to take custom ideas and turn them into dream garments, so reaching out to these companies can be a good place to start! Online tailors for dresses can also reduce the volume on your dress if that interests you more, by potentially taking some layers out. This is good for princess style dress when a more A-line style is desired.

In any case, a picture of the person wearing the dress would be helpful if you are using an online tailoring service. Remember to make sure to wear the shoes and undergarments that go with the dress. 

Second Stylish Homecoming Dress Alteration: Switch Up the Straps 

Adding straps to any sleeveless dress is a small detail that makes a big impact. Whether it’s spaghetti straps, thicker 1-inch straps, or perhaps even cap sleeves, straps add personalized style and extra support to dance all night! Another fun idea is having a tailor custom make a sheer top to wear under or over a strapless dress or even layering it with a spaghetti strap dress. Though elaborate, this custom alteration can add coverage, support, and class for the homecoming dance! For a more simple but still personalized way to have the option to cover cold or bare shoulders, a custom shawl, stole, or wrap is the way to go.

Third Stylish Homecoming Dress Alterations: Cut Some Cloth

Among all of the alterations here, these are the most intricate and unique ideas. Sometimes a couple *snips* is just what a dress needs to be spruced up. Turning an old formal dress (or even a thrifted one!) into a two piece outfit can add a subtle air of liveliness to the “dress.” Having a top online tailor create cutouts in the dress leaves a ton of room for personalization. Either leave them open and finish the edges or add paneling in a glamorous pattern. Corset backs are yet another fantastic detail to add for customization, especially if the dress needs to be let out. 

For online tailoring services, time and communication are the most important to achieve those custom, dream looks. Consulting with an online tailor before sending garments is not a bad idea to achieve a more streamlined process. Open and active communication once the dress arrives is also imperative until the alterations are complete and we can send the dress back. We love that technology makes this process possible so that tailoring services can be accessed by everyone in the country!

Homecoming is a much anticipated back-to-school activity that should be celebrated. Many high schoolers have reached an age where personal style becomes more important. Make sure your teen dances the night away in a dress that evokes positivity and confidence.

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