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Christmas is a fun holiday to dress up or down for! Some of us stay in our PJs all day whereas some don their Sunday best for a church service. Whatever the day has in store for you, remember the number one fashion tip is to stay true to your style. Wear the trends, colors, and silhouettes that make you comfortable and happy with no remorse! A surefire way of loving your outfit is to choose from the wardrobe you already have: a tried and true outfit of which you can change the slighter details, perhaps to make it seem brand new.

The second most important fashion tip is to make sure your clothing fits you properly. That being said, top online tailors are always ready to help make sure your garments fit like a glove! Online tailoring services are a great way to conveniently tailor or mend your wardrobe without having to wait in another long, busy line during the holiday season. Getting clothes altered this way is also sustainable for your wallet and the planet. You don’t have to buy a whole new Christmas outfit, simply enlist a 5-star tailor, like Tad More Tailoring, to revive your favorite garments.

These three tips will help you build a Christmas outfit that is timeless and chic. Use your own intuition and sense of style to add details that will make your ensemble really sparkle!

First Tip for Styling Your Christmas Outfit: Think Through the Day

Remember, the goal of a great outfit is to balance style with comfort. This means dressing with your own fashion sense as well as thinking through your day in terms of your Christmas traditions and the type of temperatures you will experience. It will be difficult to enjoy your holiday (or your outfit!) if you are not comfortable.

If your family is big on going to church and then taking family portraits, you’ll want to wear appropriately fancy clothes. Perhaps you and your friends meet up to take your kids ice skating or to build a snowman in the park- in this case it would make sense to have a multiple-layered outfit with warm boots picked out. Still more, maybe you and the family stay lazy even after opening presents to cook breakfast in your PJs. Whatever the day has in store, wearing the appropriate attire will enhance your activities and your holiday spirit.

Another aspect along these same lines to be aware of is the temperature of the environment you’ll be in. If you do plan on being outside much of the day, a fashion-forward Winter coat or chicly athletic puffer jacket is probably at the center of your outfit. If you stay indoors for most of Christmas day, you’ll probably focus more on what’s under your outerwear. That being said, if you’re going to a relative’s or friend’s home where you aren’t quite sure what the thermostat will be set at, try layering up so you can have the option of a t-shirt if you get warm and a cardigan if you get chilly.

Second Tip for Styling Your Christmas Outfit: Build on the Basics

When building a stylish outfit, often we think to make it trendy. However, to have long lasting, chic style, it’s easier to start with a blank canvas. To avoid feeling outfit remorse, try this trick: keep it simple and build on basic pieces. One example of this is straight-legged jeans and a lightweight neutral sweater. Still another option is the classic little black dress. These “blank canvases” are great to show off statement pieces like a sparkly necklace, fun colored shoes, or a sequined jacket. The trick is to limit trendy pieces to stay stylish throughout the holidays and the years!

Whether you decide to go casual or fancy, festive details can easily add something special to your ensemble. Accessories are where you can really make your outfit what you want without spending excessive money on trendy clothes you’ll only wear for a short amount of time or having outfit regret looking back on photos. Don’t forget more subtle “accessories” like hair, makeup, and even a happy disposition and bright smile!

Third Tip for Styling Your Christmas Outfit: Stay Chic with Seasonal Color Palettes and Textures

This trick does not mean you have to wear green and red everything! Actually, for a stylish outfit, we advise not focusing on the traditional “Christmas” cherry red and emerald green combination. Instead, try leaning into deeper hues and neutrals and incorporate smaller amounts of bright or pastel colors, if any. If you do opt for lighter colors, stick to beige, white, or even a soft gray-blue for a “Winter Wonderland” inspired look. The cold, celebrational Winter season is also the opportune time to mix in metallics, sequined pieces, or faux furs. In the same vein as tip #2, try picking one texture so as to not overwhelm your outfits. 

For more visual inspiration check out these 10 outfits from Harpers Bazaar. We would love to see everyone’s Christmas outfits! Tag Tad More on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and use the hashtags #TMTfashion to show off your Christmas looks.

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