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Black Multilayered 100% Cotton Mask with Nose Piece

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  • NO-FOG FACE MASKS FOR GLASSES WEARERS: Customers who’ve had the embarrassment and hassle of fogging glasses say they’re glad to finally have a mask that works; With 3 comfort-fit adult sizes, this cloth face mask with nose wire gives you a nose-hugging and cheek-cut design that won’t crowd your face (even with beards) so no more embarrassing fog flair-ups --- no matter what size glasses you wear.

  • USA-MADE, REAR-STRAP FASHION MASK: Each Tad More reusable mask is crafted by our all-American team for our own daily comfort using 100% cotton, heavy-duty stitching, and around-the-head style elastic that holds up to daily use and wont rub ears raw --- you’ll never have to sacrifice comfort and protection for a great looking cloth face mask.

  • 3-LAYER FILTER POCKET DESIGN: As you check out the pictures, notice how your Tad More cloth face mask’s tightly woven outer layer is double stitched to the lightweight, soft-touch inner layer creating a pocket for you to add any 3rd-layer filter (sold separately); You’ll enjoy a breathable triple layer face mask with filter pocket that’s comfy and frustration free.

  • LET THAT UNIQUE PERSONALITY SHINE THROUGH: At Tad More, we believe that great protection shouldn’t mean ugly face masks, which is why we offer a wide range of sophisticated designs including our fun [insert character/team] fabrics that show off your [unique style / team pride], so pick a 5-pack mask set for yourself and enjoy [brand/character] fashion that lets your personality shine through while still protecting you and the ones you love.

  • 100% BREATHABLE & NO ‘CHEMICAL’ ODORS: Customers say they’re glad to have found a breathable face mask without the lingering chemical smells common in cheap import masks; Plus, they like how the soft inner layer of these masks is made without dyes or synthetic materials so nothing touches your face except 100% pure cotton, for all-day comfort and on-the-go easy breathing.

Customers say this comfy triple-layer fashion face mask stays put and ends the

embarrassing fog flair-ups, so you’ll never sacrifice protection for great looks

The cheek-cut design and comfy nose wire ends embarrassing fogging, giving you

masks for glasses wearers that won't rub your nose raw (as cheaper masks do).

USA-Made Premium Fashion Mask

The all-American team at Tad More crafts cloth masks for our own comfort and style.

That’s why each mask features premium touches such as 100% Cotton Fabric,

Heavy-Duty Stitching, and Around-The-Head elastic bands for a comfy fit.

Breathable Face Mask With Filter Pocket (And NO ‘Chemical’ Odors)

Each mask’s tightly woven, heavy-duty outer layer is double stitched to a lightweight,

soft-touch inner layer. This design creates a pocket for you to add your own 3rd-layer

filter for maximum protection.

Fans enjoy how this breathable face mask gives them uncompromised protection.

★ Triple Layer Face Mask Design: Never sacrifices protection for style

★ 100% Cotton Face Mask Liner: Keeps dyes and synthetic fabrics away from skin

★ USA-Made Odor-Free: No headache-causing ‘chemical’ odors common with cheap

imported masks

Let Your Unique Personality Shine Through

Satisfied customers say they end up with multiple cloth face mask sets to share with

family and friends because of the fun [brand/character] fabrics . Plus, with multiple

masks, they can creatively match their outfits to let their personality shine through.

But don’t take our word for it…

Select from these 3 Adult unisex sizes, then see for yourself why fans are making Tad

More their cloth face mask of choice:

• Large - A relaxed fit for broader faces or those with facial hair

• Medium - Ideal for your average adult

• Small - Fits adults with a narrow face, as well as teenagers and tweens

Black Multilayered 100% Cotton Mask with Nose Piece
Black Multilayered 100% Cotton Mask with Nose Piece
Black Multilayered 100% Cotton Mask with Nose Piece
Black Multilayered 100% Cotton Mask with Nose Piece
Black Multilayered 100% Cotton Mask with Nose Piece
Black Multilayered 100% Cotton Mask with Nose Piece